LCC Green Travel

We take sustainability seriously.


We have set out to contribute to preserving our world, which we present to you so passionately.   

Is it possible to reconcile this with the luxury good and profession of travel?
We believe so - if you become aware of your responsibility and your possibilities of influence.


Climate protection through reporting, compensation and CO₂ neutral fuel


The focus here is on companies with business travel, which we support from comprehensive CO₂ balancing of the travel sector to tailored travel management measures to save both CO₂ and money.

  • Reduction of business travel-related CO₂ emissions
  • Allocation of emissions and costs according to cause through complete recording of all business travel areas
  • Identification and development of savings potentials
  • Credible climate protection and promotion of sustainable development
LCC Niederrhein CO2-Reporting
CO₂ Reporting
You receive detailed, clear and transparent statements of your emissions from all sub-areas of business travel. The calculation is based on the recognized international standards GHG, GRI, ICAO, DEFRA and VFU as well as the VDR standard.
LCC Niederrhein CO2-Kompensation
CO₂ Compensation
Certified to the highest standards of the UN (CDM) and Gold Standard.
LCC Niederrhein Spendenbescheinigung und Zertifikat
Donation receipt and certificate
The atmosfair climate protection projects not only save CO₂, but also promote sustainable development through technology transfer and poverty reduction. You can now also support the production of CO₂ neutral kerosene in Germany.